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Fox may be set to remarry

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MEXICO CITY — Mexico City was abuzz Friday over reports that Vicente Fox, president-elect and the country's most eligible bachelor, was planning to tie the knot — with his media director.

The daily newspaper El Economista cited "sources close to both of them" as saying that Fox, who won the July 2 elections, had gone to a Caribbean island with his children last weekend to tell them he planned to marry his spokeswoman, Martha Sahagun.

The newspaper said the wedding would be in September, before Fox's Dec. 1 inaugural. Fox, 58, and Sahagun, 48, are both divorced. Fox has four children; Sahagun has three.

But Fox's daughter Ana Cristina, who has said she will act as his first lady and who dislikes Sahagun, denied the reports Friday.

She said that at the family getaway last weekend, Fox told his four children: "I've decided to stay as I am now. I'm happy this way, and I plan to stay this way for a long while."

"Mrs. Martha works with my father," Ana Cristina Fox told reporters. "We aren't friends and that's it."

Fox spokeswoman Gina Morris said the report was "totally false, pure rumors, it's all just speculation." Neither Fox nor Sahagun commented.

But on the streets of Mexico City, the reports were the best gossip in ages. Shoe-shiners and their clients traded opinions on Sahagun's attributes, comparing them with those of actress Lucia Mendez, whom the news media also has linked romantically to Fox. Young women were disappointed that Fox might cease to be a prospect.

"I'm not jealous, but I really like Fox," said Paty Salazar, a 20-year-old telemarketer. "It would be a shame."

Antonio Robles, a 40-year-old policeman guarding a bank, said it would be a load off his chest if Fox got married.

"All the women are jumping all over him now," Antonio Robles, a policeman, said. "Even my old lady wants to be first lady."