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2nd District needs change

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Since 1994, the Republican Party of Utah has given the following to the people of the 2nd Congressional District to represent them in Congress:

1. Enid Greene (Waldholtz) with her questionable campaign finance deals, which she maintained were a mystery to her; a husband who skirted the law and spent time in jail; and a national scandal in which she held a many-hour press conference where she cried and cried and said she was oblivious to her campaign's excesses and illegalities.

2. Merrill Cook, a maverick Republican who spent millions of his own dollars over many years to win any election or ballot initiative but was always unsuccessful until Enid Greene was forced to leave office and the party reluctantly allowed him to try for the seat since he had lots of money to spend to smear Rocky Anderson with untruths and distortions. He has given us a parade of unstable tirades, rantings and ravings and lawsuits with his own campaign aides and public relations firms who said they were owed money from past campaigns. The GOP, in the grip of a right-wing takeover this year, turned against him.

3. Derrick Smith, a right-wing renegade millionaire who spent more than $500,000 of his own fortune to buy the seat from Merrill Cook, using any method to do it, including distortions, innuendos and rumors. In the recent primary election, all of Gayle Ruzicka's hand-picked candidates failed with the exception of Derrick Smith, who rode in on Merrill Cook's vulnerability. Smith will now try to distance himself from the Eagle Forum and Ruzicka, but those of us in the 2nd Congressional District will not let that happen.

Will he represent fairly those of the 2nd Congressional District if elected? I think not. It is past time for a change.

Kent Price

Salt Lake City