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Fireworks are dangerous

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As the 24th of July nears, I feel it is important to address the dangers of fireworks and implementing a ban on their sale.

There are two reasons I need to voice my opposition to the sale of fireworks in Utah. The potential fire hazards are obvious, and I commend the communities for trying to ban them for this danger. But banning fireworks will also save families from physical and emotional injuries.

I say this from experience. My family was celebrating the Fourth of July by watching at a safe distance some fireworks called "ground flowers." I was holding my 4-month old-granddaughter when one became airborne and landed on her, causing severe burns. She was taken to the Intermountain Burn Center at the University of Utah. There will be months of healing and skin grafts, not to mention the emotional trauma experienced by her parents and extended family.

I would like to see a ban on fireworks because they are so unpredictable and deadly. The injuries that occur because of fireworks are astounding One of the doctors at the burn unit told us there are more injuries around the 24th of July than on the Fourth.

It is my hope that sharing this experience might serve to help ban the sale and use of fireworks.

Rebecca Wootton