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Don’t put our cities at risk

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I recently responded to an article titled "Police lose in car vote," published June 16. Soon after my response was printed in the Deseret News, another article was printed regarding my comments on the issue. I want to clarify that I do not support the police car decision. My letter to the editor clearly states that I do not.

Whenever a city takes away or limits the number of squad cars (by implementing an additional insurance) that officers may have while at home, the city is at more risk. In the article, "Police lose in car vote," police officers stated, "This job is 24/7." If an officer's ability to do his duty is weakened because of the city, there is a problem. This is my opinion.

More than likely there are a thousand other facts that have been taken into consideration by the Salt Lake City Council concerning this issue that I am not aware of. But until they are made known, this is where I stand.

Josh Proctor