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Please don’t tell all on resumes

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"REASON FOR LEAVING: Believed the world was coming to an end. Since it did not happen, I am again ready to enter the workplace."

Giving reasons for leaving previous jobs is better left for the interview, should the question arise. Still, it's a common subject line on many resumes.

"REASON FOR LEAVING: After 12 satisfactory years, I resigned in order to accept a one-year student fellowship in Hungary. Besides keeping busy with my studies, I read a meter of books and saw lots of puppet shows."

No doubt he now seeks an offer with no strings attached.

If you do include reasons for leaving on a resume, avoid criticizing your former colleagues and company. It will make you look unprofessional.

Personal details on a resume can also work against you. Here are some examples.

"PERSONAL: Attempt to join the Army — rejected."

"PERSONAL: One wife." I'm sure she's relieved to hear it.

Max Messmer is chairman and CEO of Robert Half International Inc., a specialized staffing firm, and author of Job Hunting for Dummies.