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Horses mount third-quarter charge

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Yahoo! Inc. charged out of the second quarter spurred by higher than expected earnings, pulling other tech stocks along. "Thanks y'all!" yelled investors, sitting high in the saddle as they whipped their NASDAQ mount onward and upward but still $177 behind where it was when this year's race was launched on Jan. 1.

Of the equities ponies, only Lipper Mutual has gained on our original $10,000 investment as the ponies enter the second half of the race.

Thirty-year T-Bond led the pack but dropped $32 to make our 10K bet $11,178. Money Market was in second, gaining $11 to $10,300. 90-Day T-bill was in third, up $11 to $10,299.

EE Bond was in fourth, up $11 to $10,291, followed by Lipper Mutual in fifth, increasing $394 to $10,170. NASDAQ rode from eighth to sixth, up $567 to $9,823, and Lipper International held onto seventh, up $65 to $9,395.

Gold dropped from fifth to eighth, losing $900 to $9,335, but Blue Chip galloped from tenth to ninth, increasing $254 to $9,145. Bringing up the rear was Silver, up $18 to $9,101.