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Group says it bombed Tehran ministry

SHARE Group says it bombed Tehran ministry

CAIRO, Egypt — An Iranian opposition group said it bombed the headquarters of the Intelligence Ministry in Tehran on Saturday in response to the government's suppression of demonstrations last week.

Farid Soleimani, spokesman for the Mujahedeen Khalq, said 20 mortars were fired at the headquarters, causing extensive damage to the buildings. The Baghdad-based spokesman said several people were killed or wounded in the evening attack.

Iran's official Islamic Republic News Agency reported the attack, saying explosions were heard, but offered no other details.

"The bombing was in response to the bloody suppression of the anti-government demonstration last Saturday," Soleimani told the Associated Press in Cairo. He said 20 mortars were fired to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the resistance against the Iranian regime.

Witnesses in the area said electricity to northeastern Tehran was briefly cut following the explosions.

On July 8, police fired bullets and tear gas at thousands of demonstrators marking the one-year anniversary of a police raid on a university dormitory. At least a dozen people were injured and scores were arrested.

The Mujahedeen Khalq seeks the violent overthrow of Iran's Islamic government and frequently carries out attacks on targets within Iran and along its Iraqi border. Last July the group shelled the Intelligence Ministry headquarters in the southwestern city of Dezful in retaliation for the arrests and executions of dissidents.