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Homeless man inherits part of father’s $110,000 estate

SHARE Homeless man inherits part of father’s $110,000 estate

SULPHUR SPRINGS, Ohio — A homeless man who has lived on the street for 20 years and didn't even know his father had died arrived Saturday in Ohio to collect part of an inheritance on an estate worth $110,000.

Steven Kent spent the better part of two decades scrounging for empty cans to support his drinking habit in Long Beach, Calif. For 14 years, he had been out of touch with his sister, Bonnie White, who reported him missing in January because she wanted to settle the estate of their father, who died in October 1998.

A bicycle patrolman who had cited Kent about 75 times for minor offenses finally tracked him down in an alley where he was known to sleep, and on Wednesday, he began the bus trip to Ohio.