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Local births

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

ANDERSON, Brook Tiffany and Andrew Don, Syracuse, girl, July 5.

ARRINGTON, Emily Ann and Brandon Irby, Farmington, boy, July 4.

BEAUMONT, Michelle Rae and Jason Theron, Ogden, girl, July 8.

BRINKERHOFF, Lori Lynn and Cole May, Roy, girl, July 5.

BROWN, Audra Alliene and Kenneth Marion, Layton, girl, July 4.

BROWN, Judelyn and Donald James, Hill AFB, girl, July 6.

BURRIEL, Erin Lea and Christopher Michael, Layton, boy, July 4.

BUTLER, Jennifer Dawn, and PARKIN, Craig Lee, Clearfield, boy, July 5.

CALDWELL, Julianne and Bryan Dee, Syracuse, girl, July 5.

CAREY, Amanda Rose, Montrose, boy, July 5.

CESSNA, Lorriette Dee and and Paul Clinton, Layton, boy, June 8.

CHRISTENSEN, Danette and Blayne Glen, Roy, girl, July 4.

CURRIER, Gloria and Thomas Robert, Roy, girl, July 3.

DURAN, Margaret Ann, and ARCHULETA, Ricky Joe, Ogden, boy, July 6.

EDDINGTON, Taralee and Jason Wayne, Layton, girl, July 8.

FIELDING, Tona Lee and Kirk Allen, Clinton, boy, July 3.

GARRETT, Kari Lee and Richard Todd, Kaysville, girl, July 5.

HALL, Amy Marie and Ryan Kent, Layton, boy, July 8.

HELLESOE, Malene Therese, Layton, girl, July 3.

HILL, Shanyl, Ogden, twins, boy and girl, July 4.

HOKANSON, Emily Marie and Craig, Layton, boy, July 3.

HOPKIN, Camille and Jess Clinton, Morgan, boy, July 6.

IRISH, Natalie Jo, and MANZO, Santiago Lazaro, Clearfield, boy, July 7.

JACOBS, Shannon Ivie and Lane Briant, Roy, girl, July 5.

JAMES, Amy Kay and Michael Lane, Sunset, boy, July 9.

KNIGHT, Iris Diana and and Ionn, Roy, boy, July 9.

MARTIN, Jennifer Kim and Jared, Ogden, boy, July 4.

MATHER, Lora Ann and Thomas Brady, Layton, girl, July 5.

MOORE, Sarah Ann and Robert Anthony, Clearfield, girl, July 3.

REEVES, Calunda DeShae, Layton, boy, July 3.

POLLARD, Greta Gene and Neal T., Clinton, girl, July 9.

RILEY, Laura Bernice and James Michael, Layton, girl, July 4.

ROLFE, Pamela Kay and Joshua Rex, Fruit Heights, girl, July 7.

ROWLEY, Brandy Marie and Bryson Scott, Ogden, girl, July 7.

RYAN, Shirley Ann and Edward Anthony, Clearfield, girl, July 7.

STEPHENSON, Lisa Ann and Mark Alan, Clearfield, girl, July 5.

TRUJILLO, Myrna and Martin Tobias, Clinton, girl, July 8.

WEAVER, Shilo Jean and and Kenneth Dean, Roy, girl, July 6.

WEBSTER, Jaimie Lin and Scott Matthew, Brigham City, girl, July 3.

YOUNG, Rona and David Lavar, Layton, girl, July 8.