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Stephen dreams of family, pet

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Stephen is a bright, charming and funny boy who likes playing and being outside. He dreams of belonging to a family with many pets and similar interests. Stephen's social worker says he want to be with a family who can "commit to him so he won't ever have to move again."

Due to abuse in his birth home, Stephen, 8, has been in foster care for several years. He has had to move many times in his young life and recently experienced a disrupted adoption. Stephen attends the second grade and is an exceptionally bright child who shines in academics. He enjoys playing outdoors and riding his bicycle.

Stephen has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and may have a possible attachment disorder. He attends weekly individual and group therapy sessions and is doing well. Therapy will need to continue after placement.

Stephen can be affectionate, is able to respond to limits and can play well with other children. He will need time to adjust to a new adoptive home, but he truly wants a family. Stephen will need lots of positive one-on-one attention, supervision and nurturing.

Stephen has two older siblings placed in separate adoptive homes with whom he will need to remain in contact. All families will be considered, but a single parent might be ideal for Stephen. He will need to be placed in a home where he is the only or youngest child by many years. Parents must be willing to participate in an extensive treatment plan prior to placement.

Financial assistance is available for medical care, therapy and travel.

Each week the Deseret News profiles a special-needs child available for adoption through The Adoption Exchange, 1065 E. 3300 South. Anyone interested in a child may call the exchange at 801-412-0200 or e-mail kids@adoptex.org . The Adoption Exchange in connection with the state Division of Child and Family Services also has a Web site, www.utdcfsadopt.org, featuring waiting children.