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Garden tips: Tips for controlling pests

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Plant care

Most insect pests are controlled by other insects feeding on them. Avoid indiscriminate spraying that may kill predators and make the problem worse. Use solutions that target a specific pest rather than kill many organisms.

Most plants are improved by selective deadheading and trimming. Removing spent blossoms encourages additional flowers to form rather than encouraging the plants to produce seed. Dahlias and roses are easily rejuvenated by proper deadheading.

If you would like an extensive listing of flower problems that are likely to occur in Utah, check my Web site: www.utahgreen.org/larry

Wednesday, July 19: The garden talk at Brigham Young Historic Park at North Temple and State Street will feature Esther Henrichsen on "Heritage Gardening." The program begins at 8 p.m. and is free.