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ABC fumbles broadcast pick

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Little Jack Horner had a pie, stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum. Only, this time, the plum is ABC's disappointing announcement of Dennis Miller joining the "Monday Night Football" broadcast team.

I think ABC and producer Don Ohlmeyer have lost their perspective of the great game of football. The entertainment value of the sport is on the field, not in the broadcast booth.

As a diehard and rabid fan of football who supports the sponsors and promotes the teams, I am not the least bit interested in Mr. Miller's rantings and commentary. His self-serving ego is large enough to fill 3Com Stadium. Dennis Miller is not only vulgar and profane, but his caustic and sardonic remarks of the past have lambasted our ethnic diversity, all politicians, mom and apple pie and anything he targets as vulnerable.

He is neither funny nor entertaining, and, at times, is very offensive. I'm sure we will get an earful every Monday night.

ABC just fumbled on the one-yard line in a Super Bowl kind of way.

Hopefully someday, the network bigwigs will consider public sentiment and opinion, rather than going ahead and pulling a rabbit out of a dime store hat.

George H. Zinn

Salt Lake City