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Fluoride is not the answer

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"Put fluoride in your drinking water and your kids will have good teeth," is the biggest crock of hogwash on the planet. Why do grown-up, intelligent people think everything can be fixed if we pour enough fertilizer, tax dollars, perscription drugs or gravy on it?

More isn't always better. Especially where poisonous, carcinogenic substances are concerned, and that's exactly what sodium fluoride is.

About fluoride: Instead of adding it to "fix" your kid's teeth, why not eliminate sugar from their daily diet? That would not only cut cavities to near nothing, it would let their immune system do its work. One teaspoon of sugar suppresses the immune system for 20 minutes. How long does a candy bar, or a 12-ounce or 32-ounce sugar-sweetened soda pop shut down the body's defenses?

Wake up, people! Chemicals hurt far more than they do good. We should not ingest any form of poison. We should eat foods as close to nature as possible, unrefined and washed clean. Cook all meats thoroughly, and cook fruits and vegetables just barely or not at all. Now, get up and exercise.

Or, you can take in all the sugar, medicines, chemicals and refined foods you like, then sit by and watch your body deteriorate. You may not live a long time, but when disease hits, and it will, you'll feel like it's been forever. The choices are yours to make and to account for.

Judy Guymon