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Pedestrian dies from his injuries

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A pedestrian hit Saturday afternoon near Regent Street (40 East) and 100 South, died Sunday from complications from the accident.

Killed was:

Karl Henze, 74, Holladay.

Henze died while in surgery at LDS Hospital, said Lt. Terry Morgan, Salt Lake police.

Morgan said the man driving the sports utility vehicle that hit Henze was cited for improper backing.

Henze apparently was crossing the street at 2 p.m. when he was hit. The SUV was backing up on 100 South as the driver was trying to park in a space he'd driven past.

Henze fell and hit his head. An ambulance took him to LDS Hospital.

Police at the accident scene thought Henze's injuries were minor but by Saturday evening he was listed at the hospital in critical and unstable condition with internal bleeding, Morgan said.

Morgan said the incident was accidental.

The driver's speed was below 5 mph, Morgan said.