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Search for Bigfoot takes big detour — into space

Researcher now contends creature may be android

SHARE Search for Bigfoot takes big detour — into space

YAKIMA, Wash. — Sasquatch might be from outer space.

At least that's the theory being put forth by Erik Beckjord of the San Francisco-based Sasquatch Research Project.

He contends the proof can be found in a metal cylinder, roughly the same size and shape as a 16-ounce can of beer, on Bigfoot's right arm in the famous Patterson film.

"An ape doesn't have a cylinder on its arm, unless it's an experimental creature," Beckjord told the Yakima Herald-Republic in a story published Monday.

But that's hardly enough evidence for people who believe Bigfoot is the Yakima Valley's biggest homegrown hoax.

"That's a new one to me," said Zillah lawyer Barry Woodard, representing a man who last year claimed to have worn a monkey suit in the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film.

The grainy 16mm footage of what some believe is a female Sasquatch running out of a stream bed in the Six Rivers National Forest in northern California was taken by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin during a horseback search for Bigfoot.

Patterson died in 1972. Gimlin refuses to be interviewed.

Last year, longtime Bigfoot tracker Cliff Crook of Bothell dismissed the film as a hoax, saying four computer-enhanced frames showed what appeared to be a bell-shaped fastener at the creature's waist.

Several months later, a 58-year-old Yakima man, who has not been publicly identified, came forward through Woodard claiming to have been the hoaxer who wore the fur. The man still wants to sell his story, Woodard said.

It's been a Sasquatch summer in the Northwest this year.

Two researchers are looking into reports of the possible presence of Bigfoot on the Hoh Indian Reservation on the Olympic Peninsula along the Pacific Coast.

A psychologist recently claimed to have seen and smelled Sasquatch while hiking at the Oregon Caves National Monument.

Beckjord, who has a master's degree in business administration from the University of California at Berkeley, contends the recent Bigfoot reports only back up his contention that the creature is living among us and could be from outer space — possibly an experimental android.

"It would be the perfect spy for wilderness warfare," Beckjord said. Or "he could be cruising out there on behalf of the U.S. government."

The cylinder can be seen in the 350th frame of the Patterson film, he said. He speculates it could be anything from radio equipment to medical gear. Bulges at either end of the cylinder likely serve as mounting hardware, he said.

For Beckjord, the most persuasive indication that Bigfoot is from another world is the lack of an archaeological record.

"There's no roadkill ever at any time," he said. "All of the existing animals you can find dead sometime."