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U.S. losing Christian roots

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The letter from Max Brown of Florida decrying public prayer has provoked me to bring an important fact to our remembrance: This nation was founded as a Christian nation.

While protecting non-Christians from having Christianity forced down their throats, we also protected our freedom to practice Christianity. But we have failed to maintain the bias for Christianity in order to prevent bias against non-Christian religions.

In the name of "tolerance," we have blindly given up some of our freedoms, our values, our quality of life. Now we can't even pray a Christian prayer at public gatherings of Christians.

I am only 50, but I remember the time when people from other countries came here expecting to hear public displays of our Christianity. They were thrilled to come anyway and enjoy the freedoms of a prosperous, God-fearing nation, and they were excited at the chance to contribute to its success while improving their own lot.

In our quest for popularity and political correctness, we have graciously allowed non-Christians to co-exist with us. But they are not satisfied. Non-Christian seems to have mutated into anti-Christian.

If this nation forgets God and becomes just another Third World country, then who will be the leader?

Elaine Walton