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Iacocca revved up — about olive oil

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Lee Iacocca has already saved Chrysler. Now he wants to save a few waistlines.

Iacocca has turned to olive oil for his latest venture, hoping to sell Americans on a healthier diet the way he sold them on Chryslers. Olivio is an olive oil-based spread that is billed as being healthier than butter or regular margarine.

"If you can find a better spread, buy it," he said.

Iacocca retired as Chrysler's chairman in 1992 but is still involved in a variety of ventures, including a high-tech bicycle business, some Internet start-ups and the Boston-based Olivio.

The spread has been on the market in some New England cities for three years and last year racked up about $3 million in sales, said Iacocca's partner and son-in-law, Ned Hentz.