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Farrakhan defends role of the Confederate flag

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RICHMOND, Va. — Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said Tuesday the Confederate flag was an integral part of American history and removing it from public places doesn't cure the country of racial problems.

"The people of the South are bigger than the Confederate flag," Farrakhan said. "But the Confederate flag is a part of the history of the South."

The Confederate flag represents the "America of yesterday," Farrakhan said.

"If we are upset as black people they're flying the Confederate flag, you should be upset about flying the American flag," Farrakhan said. "Because all the hell (that slaves) caught, we got on the next flag."

Earlier this month, South Carolina removed the Confederate Flag from atop its Statehouse. The flag, seen as a reminder of slavery for some and a tribute to Southern heritage for others, flew atop the Statehouse dome for 38 years.