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Utah Grizzlies seek personnel

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The Utah Grizzlies aren't waiting for any league problems to be worked out before they move ahead with their plans for the 2000-01 season. The Grizz have already signed forward Gavin Morgan to a one-year contract and plan to talk with several other free agents this week. Two other players are still under contracts with the Grizzlies.

Utah couldn't have official talks with players until July 1, but coach Bob Bourne said the Grizz had already made initial contact with at least 15 players, their agents or both. These are players Dallas hopes to sign for the Grizzlies who could potentially play for the Stars.

In the next 10 days, Bourne said, Grizz officials will begin serious talks with players and begin to form the team fans will see this fall.

One person Grizz fans will not see on the bench this season is assistant coach Dean Chynoweth. He left Utah for a head coaching job in the WHL in Seattle. Dallas will hire Utah's assistant coach, but the Stars haven't filled the position yet.