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Serving up outrageous outdoor fun

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Bowls and baskets are wonderful conventional food servers, but you can also create alternative or additional food servers from unconventional items. Pioneers and mountain men occasionally used disposable large leaves and burned-then-scooped-out pieces of wood for bowls and bark for spoons. But you won't need to be quite that creative (although everyone will think you are) when you use these food servers at your Pioneer Day backyard celebration.


Hose out your wheelbarrow and spread a large sheet of plastic or garbage bags along the bottom and sides. Fill the wheelbarrow with ice and use it as an ice chest to keep soda, salad, watermelon and other items cold for your 24th of July get-together.

Ironing board

Use your ironing board as a last-minute serving table. Set up the ironing board and secure the legs with heavy bricks or bags of sand to stabilize them. Drape a festive outdoor cloth over the ironing board and load it up with food, utensils and napkins.

Frisbee Paper Plate Holders

If you don't have the commercial paper plate holders to reinforce your paper plates, nest them in appropriate-sized frisbees. The frisbees keep the plates rigid and easy to handle. When you're through eating, you can have a frisbee tournament!


Clean flowerpots, tin cans and other containers of all shapes and sizes can be used for serving food. Simply place foods in a Ziploc bag, place in the container and pull the top of the opened bag up and over the rim.

These and many more fun ideas can be found in Dian Thomas' "Holiday Fun Year Round." For more information about Dian Thomas' books, call 1-800-846-6355, or your local bookstore, or check out her Web site. WEB SITE: www.dianthomas.com E-MAIL: diantv@aol.com