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U.S. right to seize Elian

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Those who still wish to prosecute the Cold War by attacking Castro through an innocent Elian Gonzalez have responded to my earlier letter with varying degrees of self-righteousness. All continue to miss the point, and all only selectively and "in part" discuss "the facts."

The courts ruled that the INS had authority in the matter, and the INS granted Lazaro Gonzalez legal custody only until Miguel Gonzalez was on American soil. After that, they rightly rescinded the prior order and gave custody to Elian's father.

From that point on, Elian's Miami relatives were in violation of the law for refusing to relinquish custody. The INS at no time "ignored its own policy," because that policy only "in some circumstances" allows, not requires, asylum to any alien regardless of age.

Least of all was the issue a matter for Congress to decide in contravention of laws it had already passed. The so-called "expressed will of Congress" was nothing more than election year huffing and puffing.

Most important, however, neither the United States nor any group of its citizens has any right to claim that its choices for Elian supersede those of his natural father, whose only failing in your eyes is that he desires to stay in the country of his birth.

That's tantamount to condoning the kidnapping of any child from a nation with whose regime you disapprove. Do you suppose a 6-year-old, because his economy is Third World, loves his parents less? Do you suppose that a Cuban citizen, because his government is communist, is not entitled to raise the children God has placed in his care?

How arrogant. It is not your privilege to micromanage the world.

William Brough