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Land swap will be appraised

SHARE Land swap will be appraised

What a great compromise. The West Desert Land Exchange bill, as passed by the U.S. House, now provides for an independent review by a non-biased appraiser of the values in the exchange.

The Western Land Exchange Project, out of Seattle, questions if the values of the exchange are equal, because there has not been an individual appraisal of each section involved. History has proved that such an appraisal process, the way the Seattle group wants to do it, could actually cost schools and national taxpayers considerable sums without a productive result on this magnitude of an exchange.

The independent review in the legislation ought to put to rest any fears that Utah is taking unfair advantage of the citizens of the United States. If discrepancies are found, the exchange could be adjusted appropriately for either side.

Juneil F. Lyon

Salt Lake City