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House approves pay raise to keep military personnel

SHARE House approves pay raise to keep military personnel

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House approved a $20 billion increase in Pentagon spending for next year, including pay raises designed to keep men and women from leaving the military for civilian life.

By a vote of 367-58, the House on Wednesday approved a compromise $288 billion defense appropriations bill and sent it to the Senate.

Rep. Martin Frost, D-Texas, said the legislation "provides the funding for the security and defense of the United States and assures that our military strength remains second to none."

The pay raise, he said, is of "great importance, especially for younger military members with families and for mid-career personnel who are considering abandoning the military for the civilian world."

The bill spends nearly $20 billion more on Pentagon programs in the year starting Oct. 1 than this year and $3.3 billion more than requested by President Clinton.