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Clinton still top dog among schoolkids

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Impeached by Congress following his affair with a 25-year-old intern, President Clinton still reigns supreme among American children, according to a survey.

He beat out Pope John Paul II, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, astronaut John Glenn and basketball star Michael Jordan in the survey that asked children to name the world's most important person.

The survey, conducted by the World Almanac for Kids and released this week, offered readers age 6 to 14 the chance to win prizes by naming their picks and explaining their choices. It was contained in the 2000 edition.

Clinton, the choice of 30 percent of the respondents, was cited because of his peacekeeping negotiations, his improvements to education and because he is "the ruler of a free world."

The pope, who got 20.6 percent, helps make the world a better place, the children said. "My Mom" got 20.4 percent, "My Dad," 15.8 percent.