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Robbery suspect found passed out

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OGDEN — A suspect in an Ogden bank robbery crashed his car in Arizona following an all-night drinking and gambling spree and was found passed out on the side of the highway.

Authorities believe some of the money from the bank robbery was used in gambling and drinking in Nevada.

Todd Harold Cooper, 37, was found passed out along the side of I-15 in Arizona near the Utah-Nevada border Tuesday morning, said Kevin Fryslie, supervisory senior FBI resident agent in Ogden.

Police say a man wearing a rubber Ronald Reagan mask and brandishing a revolver entered a bank Monday in Ogden and demanded tellers put money in a white grocery bag.

Someone allegedly saw Cooper stagger out of a Mesquite, Nev., casino and get into his car and tipped the Arizona Highway Patrol.

Troopers found the car crashed and abandoned on the side of the highway. They later found Cooper passed out on the road, Fryslie said.

He was found with large amounts of cash and a gun.

A Washington County, Utah, sheriff's deputy who heard of the incident and remembered the Ogden bank robbery called the FBI.

Cooper was being held in the Mohave County Jail in Kingman, Ariz., pending proceedings to transport him to Utah.