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Days of ’47 parade

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For those who like to watch the Days of '47 parade in their jammies, there's always TV, of course. Still, if you don't mind getting up early on a holiday, "nothing beats seeing it in person," says Tracie Cayford, of the Utah Travel Council. Cayford says she plans to be there early.

In response to a question about how early viewers may arrive, Ted Nguyen of the Salt Lake mayor's office offers up a copy of the city code. The law says that after 8 p.m. of the day before a special event, a person may occupy a spot on public property and may use a blanket, sleeping bag or chair. The code also says: No tents. No roping off a space. No saving space for someone else. No blocking the sidewalk.

Dorothy Bale, veteran parade-watcher, says she usually arrives only an hour early and always finds a good spot. To really enjoy the morning, Bale suggests bringing some drinks in a cooler.

The parade begins at 9 a.m. at the Brigham Young monument on South Temple and Main Street and heads east to 200 East, then south to 900 South and east to Liberty Park and 600 East.