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Lindon snuffs plan for fireworks show

The insurance won’t cover it, officials told

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LINDON — Lindon's City Council this week decided against supporting a fireworks launch that would have disposed of a cache of illegal fireworks.

City Administrator Ott Dameron explained that the city has tried to find a way to help resident Mike Jorgenson use his fireworks. Jorgenson has a supply of fireworks he cannot legally set off in Utah.

Dameron said by recruiting trained personnel from the Pleasant Grove Fire Department to light the fireworks Saturday as a display in a park next to the Rocky Mountain Elementary school, it would facilitate a safer and more public use of the fireworks.

However, the city's liability insurer, the Utah Risk Management Association, has informed Lindon officials the event would not be insured because the fireworks are not coming from a licensed vendor.

That news came to the city after fliers had been sent out advertising the event, Dameron said.

Consequently, neighbors who object to the plan for the neighborhood show filed into the council meeting Tuesday.

Several said the explosions would spook their livestock.

Others called the location a poor choice.

One resident said if the City Council supports the neighborhood show, it will set a dangerous precedent for the future.

"Why should the city condone an illegal display?" asked one man.

"We thought we were doing a good thing," Dameron said. "What started out to be helpful has turned into something that's creating somewhat of a division in the neighborhood."

Dameron also said it was never intended that the event be more than a one-time deal, but the fliers advertised it as "the first annual" such show.

Jorgenson said he hadn't planned to create a troublesome situation but merely was willing to share the fireworks, pay for police coverage and find a location.

"If these other issues cannot be satisfied, I don't want to do it anymore," he told the council. "I'll go to Orem."

Mayor Larry Ellertson said the city cannot afford to put itself at risk by holding the fireworks show without insurance in place, and he did not feel comfortable buying special event insurance.

He said perhaps those interested in fireworks should focus on the upcoming Lindon Days celebration and accompanying fireworks display.

"As it stands, we will not have a fireworks demonstration at Pioneer Park south of Rocky Mountain Elementary on the 22nd of July," he said.

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