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Christian intolerance shows

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Few letters in the Readers' Forum have upset me as much as Elaine Walton's, published in the Deseret News Readers' Forum Wednesday, July 19. If I was a non-Christian, I would never have been so offended in my entire life. Even as a Christian, she still managed to offend me.

She says that "we have failed to maintain the bias for Christianity." Failed? What does she mean we "failed"? Is she saying that we should segregate Christians from non-Christians? Should Christians be given the better jobs? Should we have separate drinking fountains? How about the non-Christians wear numbered yellow arm bands so we can keep track of them, hmm? Or maybe that's a little too far?

I hardly think that we are "graciously allow[ing] non-Christians to co-exist with us." They aren't doing anything to harm "our freedoms, our values, our quality of life" like you so insist, Elaine.

I'd just like to point out a little thing I like to call the First Amendment and the freedom of religion. It's what protects the rest of us from people such as Elaine. Her letter so reeked of bigoted intolerance, religious arrogance and just plain ignorance that it about made me literally sick.

Steve DeBirk