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This week in Church history

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50 years ago

President George Albert Smith left Salt Lake City on July 30 to travel to Hawaii where he would participate in the Hawaii Mission's centennial celebration, according to the Aug. 2, 1950, Church News.

Traveling with some family members and Church officials, President Smith went first to Los Angeles where he said he "planned to rest prior to sailing." He added that the eight or nine days of travel would do him good.

He departed Los Angeles on Aug. 4 for the five-day journey on the SS Lurline. Upon arriving in Honolulu, President Smith and those with him were greeted with song and dance by members, according to an article in the Aug. 16, 1950, Church News.

During the celebration in Hawaii, many of the activities took place on the island of Maui, "scene of the first baptisms in Hawaii" a century earlier, the second article added. There was a bazaar, a luncheon and a luau, among other events. President Smith also spoke at a morning meeting to 450 people.

President Smith and the others left Hawaii on August 21.