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Maybe Julie should try U.

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As embarrassing as it is to admit, I have watched Julie Stoffer on MTV's "Real World." I think the honor code solution is an easy one. She states in a conversation with a roommate that she does not like BYU because it is too strict and not open-minded enough. She also says that she might not want to marry a nice Mormon boy. I don't understand why she wants back into BYU. There are plenty of universities out there that have these criteria.

I was not impressed with her representation of Mormons. She did not bring honor to her parents and clearly does not want to attend BYU. I do not object to Julie Stoffer being on "The Real World," but don't bad-mouth BYU and then beg to get back in. If the rules are too strict, go somewhere else.

I don't understand why people go to BYU and then complain about the honor code. Did they not know what it was before they made such a decision? Julie, you may have had a change of heart, and hopefully so. If not, there is always the University of Utah. They have plenty of open-mindedness and possibly some not-so-nice non-Mormon boys.

Please don't get me wrong; Utah is my alma mater. Go, Utes!

Nikki Richards