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No more bilingual schools

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Once again the question has arisen as to whether babble is preferable to English in American society.

Several years ago while working with a young man from Hong Kong, I observed his ability to communicate was tolerable on Fridays but atrocious on Mondays.

I attribute this problem to the weekends in which nothing but his native language was spoken in the home; the old, if-you-don't-use-it-you-lose-it law.

California's Proposition 227, dubbed the anti-bilingual bill, has proven to be an aid rather than a deterrent to the affected minorities. "By the end of the first post-227 school year, immigrant second-graders in those schools in compliance with Prop 227 were reading at the 35th percentile, compared with the 19th percentile for those stuck in schools that were still bilingual . . . opinion polls now show 227 to be even more popular today than when it passed, notably among Latino parents." (John O'Sullivan, National Review, June 19, 2000)

One need only look to Serbia to see the results of multiculturalism and divisive ethnicity. If one wants to succeed in America, language assimilation is the most basic necessity. If you wish to give immigrant children extra help in English immersion, great; but enough of this gibberish about teaching every ethnic group in two (or more) languages. It doesn't work.

Jason Zimmerman