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Lineup for the Days of ’47, KSL Parade

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1. Salt Lake City motorcycle squad

2. Mormon Battalion color guard

3. Opening entry

4. President Thomas S. Monson from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

5. Utah Highway Patrol motorcycle squad

6. Gov. Michael Leavitt

7. Lt. Gov. Olene Walker

8. Salt Lake County motorcycle squad

9. Salt Lake County Sheriff Aaron Kennard

10. Salt Lake County Sheriff posse

11. Modern Display, "Millennial Beauty"

12. Barbara Smith, vice president Days of '47

13. Utah National Guard Band

14. Utah Air National Guard, "Year of the Family — Past to the Future"

15. Salt Lake Riverside Stake, "Millennial Tools Linking Pioneer Memories"

16A. Gwen Hanny, silver mount

16B. Marjon Brady, sliver mount

17. Taylorsville city, "Sentimental Journey Through Time"

18. Magna Utah East Stake, "Look Beneath the Surface"

19A. Sandy City Fire Department, 1928 Model A Ford

19B. Mount Olympus Water, 1931 Model A Ford Truck

19C. United Parcel Service, 1929 Ford Model A Package Car

20. Grantsville High School Band

21A. Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah

21B. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah

21C. Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah

21D. Rep. Merrill Cook, R-Utah

22. KSL Television, "KSL-TV: Pioneer Memories, Millennial Visions"

23. Salt Lake Ensign Stake, "Our Millennial Trail"

24A. Meadow Gold Dairies, horse wagon

24B. Frontier Pies, horse wagon

25. Salt Lake Olympic Committee, " Legacy Bricks Paving the Way to 2002"

26. Sandy city, "Reflecting on the Past with an Eye to the Future"

27. Bingham High School Band

28. Centerville Utah North Stake, "Sowing Seeds for Our Future"

29A. Utah Power & Light, "1924 Ford"

29B. Utah Power, We "Powered" Your Memories; We'll "Power" Your Visions

30. Americanas, horse entry

31A. Rex Zollinger, 1912 Model T Ford

31B. Chuck Sparrer, "1920 Pierce Arrow"

31C. Granite Furniture, 1903 Curved Dash Oldsmobile

32. Benson Gristmill Historical Pageant, "Pioneer Memories — MILL'ennial Pageant"

33. North Salt Lake Utah Parkway Stake, "Find Them — Family.Love"

34. Davis High School Marching Band

35. Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson

36A. Salt Lake City Council member Carlton Christensen

36B. Salt Lake City Council member Roger Thompson

36C. Salt Lake City Council member Van Turner

36D. Salt Lake City Council member Dave Buhler

36E. Salt Lake City Council member Nancy Saxton

37. South Jordan Utah Highland Stake, "Vision Accomplished"

38A. Chris Crane Co., horse wagon

38B. Wells Fargo Bank, horse wagon

39. Christmas Box House, "The Christmas Box House: A Present for Our Children's Future"

40. Midvale city, "Pioneer Memories — Millennial Vision"

41. Salt Lake City Letter Carrier Band

42. KUTV 2 News, "Pioneer Memories — Millennial Vision —2News"

43. Brigham Young University, "BYU Students Preparing for a Millennial Vision"

44. West Jordan Utah Mountain View Stake, "The Future is what You Make It"

45. Pineview High School Band

46A. The Quilted Bear, 1934 Dodge truck

46B. Serta Mattress Co., 1925 International truck

47A. Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park, horse wagon

47B. ZCMI, horse wagon

48. Midway Boosters Club, "Our Heritage, Our Future, Utah's Little Switzerland"

49A. Salt Lake County Commissioner Mark Shurtleff

49B. Salt Lake County Commissioner Brent Overson

50. West Valley Utah Stake, "From the Plains to the Stars"

51. Pony Express, riding group

52. Utah Health Care Association, "Warm Memories & Soaring Dreams"

53. Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga Band

54. Salt Lake Wasatch Stake, "Visions of Pie in the Sky"

55. Design Werks, "Mythological Memories Inspire Millennial Visions"

56. Draper city, "Time to Bridge the Past & Future"

57. Silver Spurs, riding group

58A. Joe Nieman, 1924 Formal Limousine Cadillac

58B. Beverly Hurd, 1930 Chrysler Phaeton

59. Sandy Utah Central Stake, "Some Must Push, and Some Must Pull"

60. Utah Coalition for Organ Donation, "Donate Life Through Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation"

61. Kearns High School Band

62A. Dr. August L. Jung, "Pioneer of Progress — Scientific & Technology"

62B. Jon and Karen Huntsman, "Pioneer of Progress — Education, Health & Welfare"

62C. Mrs. Willard S. Jensen, "Pioneers of Progress Family of the Posthumous Legacy Nominee"

63. Fox 13 Television, "Fox 13 — New Pioneers in Utah Broadcasting"

64. Kearns Utah South Stake, "From Roots to Eternity"

65A. Salt Creek Wagon Works, horse wagon

65B. Hardware Ranch Wildlife Management Area, horse wagon

66. Orem city, "Heritage Memories — Millennial Inspirations"

67. Al Rounds, Days of '47 featured artist

68. Utah Pipe Band

69. Sandy Utah Hidden Valley Stake, "The Vision of Tomorrow Grew From the Seeds of Their Faith"

70. West Valley City, "Once Upon a Time/Progress as Promised"

71A. Dennis Teuscher, 1936 Packard convertible

71B. Scott Teuscher, 1917 Model T roadster

72. Diamond Z Ranch — Horse Entry — Wagon

73. Utah Dairy Commission, "Catch the Vision . . . Ice Cold Milk"

74. Copper Hills High School Band

75. Murray Utah Parkway Stake, "Pioneering a Mission to Mars"

76. Salt Lake County Fire Chief Don Berry

77A. Kathie Horman, horse carriage

77B. Scott Hartley, horse carriage

78. Humane Society of Utah, "Humane Society of Utah's Millenial vision: No More Homeless Pets"

79. Sandy Utah Crescent Park Stake, "Pioneers With Millennial Vision"

80. KTVX Television, "Envisioning the Future, Following Our Dream"

81. Riverton city, "Riverton City-Millennial Vision"

82. Madison High School Summer Band, Rexburg, Idaho

83A. Staker Paving, 1919 Rio Speed Wagon truck

83B. Young Electric Sign Co., 1924 Model T Ford truck

84A. Dr. Ray Barton Jr., Sons of the Utah Pioneers president

84B. Mary Johnson, Daughters of Utah Pioneers president

84C. Sons of the Utah Pioneers, one wagon/three handcarts

84D. Daughters of Utah Pioneers, horse wagon

85. Riverton Utah Summerhill Stake, "Pioneer Memories Millennial Vision, 'Til We Meet Again"

86. Provo city, "Pioneer Memories — Millennial Vision"

87. Mama's Faith Temple Choir, "Dreaming of a Garden in Paradise"

88. West Jordan city, "Stampeding in the New Millennium"

89A. Salt Lake City Sister City from Keelung, Taiwan

89B. Salt Lake Sister City from Matsumoto City, Nagano, Japan

89C. NASL International Environmental Mission

90. Salt Lake Mount Olympus North Stake, "Visions of Granite"

91. Liahona Alumni Band

92. Utah State University, "USU: Looking to the Future While Building on the Past"

93. Southwest Airlines, "Flying Into the New Millenium"

94A. American Mothers Inc., horse carriage

94B. Tooele Junior Bit & Spur Riding Club

94C. Alpine city, horse wagon

95. Alpine and Alpine North stakes, "America's Promise: Alpine — The Land of Milk & Honey"

96. University of Utah Alumni Band

97. South Jordan city, "Treasured Memories — Millennial Dreams"

98. Salt Lake Winder Stake, "Save the Rain Forest in this Millenium"

99. Kentucky Fried Chicken, "KFC Salutes the Pioneer Legacy & the Visions of the Future"

100. Paso Fino Horse Association

101. Bountiful Utah Val Verda Stake, "Bee-lieve and Shuttle Forth"'

102. Riverton High School Band

103. Bluffdale city, "Pioneering into a New Millennium"

104A. Assistance League of Salt Lake City, 1912 Model T speedster

104B. Assistance League of Salt Lake City, 1915 Model T

105. Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, "Taking Flight Into the New Millennium"

106. Taylorsville Utah Valley Park Stake, "Dreams of Tomorrow"

107. USDA Forest Service, horse entry

108. Lagoon, "Lagoon Pioneering Fun in the Past, Promising Fun in the Future"

109. West Jordan High School Band

110. Salt Lake Pioneer Stake, "Pioneer Stake Still Pioneering"

111. Phil Young, horse wagon

112. Murray city, "Stepping into the New Millennium"

113A. Frank T. Hales, Days of '47 president and parade chairman

113B. Tim Christofferson, Days of '47 Parade co-chairman, production

113C. Susan McHenry, Days of '47 Parade co-chairman, entries

114. Tooele High School Band

115. Parade Committee