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Can’t explain away fractures

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Some have attempted to explain away increased hip fracture results in the Danielson study in Brigham City, but what about the Jacobsen, Cooper, Jacquin-Gadda, Sowers, Kurttio, Suarez-Almazor, and Lehmann studies totaling thousands of people in many countries? Most were conducted in the 1990s and all showed increased bone fracture rates in artificially fluoridated areas.

Read the Material Safety Data Sheet for sodium fluorosilicate, the fluoride chemical in the Logan City bid. Under the 'Health Hazard' section you'll find, "Health Hazard Acute and Chronic: Target-Organs: Bones, Kidneys.

"Exposure to fluorides over years may produce an embrittlement and densification of bones, an increased calcification of ligaments and vertebrae resulting in spinal stiffness. May cause skin/eye irritation, respiratory irritation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, excess salivation. Keep away from foodstuffs."

Are we going to be proud to say that Grandma was crippled up but her teeth were lookin' fine when she died? According to the bid obtained by the city for fluoridation equipment (from WETCO), water softeners are required. How many tons of salt will have to be added to the water yearly? Estimated equipment cost is $41,000.

According to the bid, chemicals would cost $105,193 yearly. (Remember we'll get bonus ingredients including trace amounts of arsenic and lead! ) What is the cost of hiring and training the personnel to operate, service and monitor the operation, repairs, safety gear, electricity, insurance, hazardous materials training and accident mitigation?

The costs look to run way past the amounts touted by promoters. And you can kiss your "good water" goodbye!

Walt Appel