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Use care in managing planet

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I see the Wilderness Alliance is pressing to prohibit drilling for natural gas in an area that might become wilderness, lest a few trees be destroyed. I'm sure if they look harder, they'll find some gnat or bug that might be injured as well. Where do these folks come from, outer space? Do they not drive cars, live in heated homes and wear clothing? The last time I checked, all of these things come, in one way or another, from the earth.

Have you ever thought what kind of world these extremists would have us live in? No roads, no vehicles, no railroads or airplanes, certainly no fire, because we couldn't burn any trees or explore for natural gas; no houses, either — they require wood! But my, wouldn't we have some beautiful landscape! The only problem would be getting to where the beauty is. Chances are we couldn't even walk there because that would require a leather shoe, and we all know where leather comes from.

Should we use care and good judgment in managing our world? Of course. But we also need a dose of common sense. The good Lord gave us this earth "for the benefit of man," to enjoy, use and subdue. He didn't say we're supposed to just sit and stare at it. He also said that there is "enough and to spare." Let's go ahead and use it in a sensible manner.

Winn Wilcox