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State board disciplines 5 teachers

SHARE State board disciplines 5 teachers

The State Board of Education has revoked or suspended the licenses of five schoolteachers.

The board earlier this month voted to do so following recommendations from the Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission.

The board suspended Robert K. Banz's teaching license for two years. Banz was accused of inappropriate and unprofessional accounting of school funds and expenses over an extended time, the commission reported. Banz taught at North Summit High School, North Summit School District.

The board revoked Byron Eugene Arnold's teaching license. The Granite District educator was accused of conducting an Internet relationship, which included sexual discussions, with a female middle-school student, the commission reported. Arnold agreed to an abeyance to a third degree felony and was convicted of a class A misdemeanor in connection with the allegation, the commission reported. Arnold never responded to the commission's complaint against him.

The board revoked Scott E. Taylor's teaching license. Taylor, who taught at Park City High School, Park City School District, was accused of making sexually inappropriate comments to female students and creating a hostile environment, the commission reported. Taylor didn't respond to the complaint made against him.

Harold L. Schmid agreed to have his license suspended until Jan. 1, 2002, in lieu of a hearing. Schmid was accused of unauthorized signing of special-education program documents, the commission reported. He taught at Millard High School, Millard School District.

The board revoked the license of John Adam Davis, a teacher who worked in the districtwide Youth in Custody program in Iron County. Davis was accused of inappropriate sexual activities with female students, including at least one exchange with a student of a pornographic videotape, the commission reported. Davis never responded to the complaint.