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Smith has integrity, values

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In response to the recent letter to the editor, "We could have had Merrill," by Lorin Hardy, I'm amazed that two people can attend the same meetings and functions and come away with two opposite opinions.

I, too, am a delegate and was pleasantly surprised when I met with Derek Smith before the Republican convention. I think Mr. Hardy totally misrepresented Derek Smith and how he answered questions. I witnessed Mr. Smith answer every question in a straightforward fashion in the months leading up to and since the convention. It's true he may not be a "typical" politician, but that's positive, because he's not the "smooth talking, say what they want to hear, yet act in another way" leader.

Derek Smith is a breath of fresh air when it comes to politicians as we know them.

I am thrilled with the outcome of the recent primary election because I know Derek Smith can represent Utah well, not only with his stand on the issues but also with integrity and values that we can be proud of.

That is more than I can say about the character of the soon-to-be former congressman, Merrill Cook.

I feel confident that Mr. Smith's character will not be an issue and that he will be a great leader in Washington. His conservative ideals will serve us well as he represents our community.

Michelle Jones

South Jordan