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Elian handling lacked morals

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This is in response to William Brough's letter of Thursday, July 20. While I agree with certain parts of Mr. Brough's letter in content, I absolutely oppose its context.

The Justice Department's handling of the Elian Gonzales case was atrocious. There was no justification for the raid-like manner in which Elian was removed from the home. Everyone who was there agrees except, of course, for the federales themselves, who are now trying furiously to cover up their mishandling of the situation with outright lies and distortions. But then, that is the hallmark of this administration.

While it is right and proper for Elian's father to retain custody of his child, it must be remembered that he has a moral obligation to see that Elian has the best possible environment in which to grow up. Will he get that in Castro's gulag? Can Elian's father raise him at all, or will Castro's government ship him off to some boarding school out of daily contact with his family? No child should be subjected to that.

Mr. Brough's comments, while arguably correct from a legal standpoint, are completely lacking a moral foundation, which supersedes legalities. There were other choices.

Mr. Brough states that it is arrogance to suppose that a citizen of an oppressive, anti-family, immoral government is not entitled to raise the children God gave him.

I ask, do you suppose that a child, because his father lives under an oppressive government, should be denied the opportunity for freedom which God gave him? It is our duty to secure freedom for all men.

Trenton Hansen

Pleasant Grove