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Let kids play on BMX track

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I was very disappointed to read in the July 16 edition of the Deseret News that the Great Salt Lake Audubon Society, Salt Lake County and Little Dell Mitigation Project officials have decided to level a BMX track built in the vicinity of 3900 South and the Jordan River.

As a teenager growing up in southern California, I, along with other kids in my neighborhood, spent many hours building BMX tracks in the canyons near our homes. We would get up early, before it got too hot, and head to the canyon with shovels, picks, rakes and wheel barrels. We dug up dirt from areas off our intended tracks and hauled it to build jumps, berms and whoop-de-doos. We hauled water in jugs from our houses to water and pack the track down.

We got sweaty and dirty, but we learned to work. We learned to work together. We learned that if we wanted something we could get it through hard work. When the work was done, we rode. We had fun. We stayed out of trouble. We were too busy improving our talents to be bothered with drugs or gangs. We wore out our track. This led to more work. We were known as the "canyon caretakers."

To all you parents whose kids work and play at this and other tracks in the area, talk to your city officials, and let the kids play. This is far more important than any riparian habitat will ever be. Let's get back to nature. Let's put the Nintendo away. Let's allow our kids to have fun and learn to work to have fun. We will all be better for it, both now and in the future.

Darin Nebeker