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Salt Lake wants to annex much of the east side of the unincorporated county. Their study shows they can have a surplus; the reason why is that the residents of this area will pay 20 percent more in tax and fees levied on them.

There is a small group of residents who are on the south boundary of Salt Lake who are being told their tax bill will go down if they annex into Salt Lake. This is an outright lie.

There is a group called the East Salt Lake Feasibility, LLC that is circulating a petition in this same area that will require the commissioners to do a study of all the revenues for this area and give the residents 18 months to look at what is best for them and not have Salt Lake City determine their fate and raise the tax and fees 20 percent.

Salt Lake is leaving a strip from 1300 East and west to 900 East which will be a no-man's land unless Murray annexes this area, which they can afford to do; they have already taken the commercial property on the east side of 900 East and Ivy Place and K-Mart on 900 East off Van Winkle. People, wake up.

Call your community council leaders and get on board the East Salt Lake petition drive. They need 10 percent of the property owners to sign. You make the decision.

Bill Finch

Salt Lake City