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Elderly would like a ride club

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I'm sure every story you print isn't paid for nor is every article above criticism, which is why I'm writing. I am 92 years old and living in Salt Lake Rest Home. I fell six months ago, and I am bored doing nothing but thinking, without being able to help as I could.

There are clubs of every description and meaning in this great country, and I'd like to suggest a "Good Ol' Boy," even a "Good Ol' Girl," club as well.

Good souls could have a place to call and offer the services that they feel able to give, or refuse if they, after considering, do not care to continue.

Services wouldn't be for the incapacitated, who would require help from a professional. This would be for a normal group of people who are thoroughly capable of handling themselves but lack the means of transportation. Or it could be for people like myself, who enjoy the facility, in the same way one who used to play golf likes to ride around in a cart with a player, just to the enjoy the thrill of being on the course again — people like myself whose strength and balance no longer are equal to fully enjoy playing, watching and enjoying the beauty that's prevalent in God's world.

Perhaps club members could drive people to a store for something they need or to the doctor to fill appointments — just a service someone could give to those who no longer can drive but are no longer taxi-affordable.

At my age when finances are no longer equal, this is what is needed to enjoy pleasures in entertainment or foods. I am sure there are many who would gladly take someone for a joyful ride but have no imagination how they could volunteer without doing so through a legitimate source.

William Marshall Thomson Sr.

Salt Lake City