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Hatch credits both parties

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WASHINGTON — As President Clinton hailed the 10th anniversary Wednesday of the Americans With Disabilities Act, Sen. Orrin Hatch said both Republicans and Democrats deserve credit for that law.

Hatch, R-Utah, shared the podium with Clinton at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial to laud the law intended to give disabled equal access to buildings, jobs, public transportation and housing.

Hatch, who co-sponsored that bill 10 years ago, added that without former GOP Sen. Bob Dole (himself disabled from World War II wounds) the ADA would not have made it through the Senate.

Hatch said, however, that both parties worked hard to achieve consensus on that bill. "Disability policy has always been — and is — a bipartisan concern in the Congress. That is as it should be." Hatch also praise Roosevelt as a role model for the disabled.

"We did not build this memorial to FDR because he had polio. We honor FDR because of what he accomplished," Hatch said. "It is a fitting reminder that greatness is measure bywhat we do and who we are — not by what we have or by what we cannot do."