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Double-check coverage

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Recently, my 4 1/2-year-old daughter underwent surgery to remove a rare tumor — fortunately it was benign — at Primary Children's Hospital. The treatment there was superb from top to bottom, and my wife and I feel very fortunate to have the excellent facilities and high-quality professionals who work there so close to us.

Now that the medical bills are coming in and the anxiety of the situation has diminished, we find ourselves facing a pitfall in this medical procedure. The hospital and doctor are both providers under our insurance, but we have come to find out that the radiologist and the anesthesiologist are not providers under our insurance plan.

Now, we have to pay them under different guidelines with our program, and we have to pay a much higher percentage of the overall bill; that is, if the non-providing doctors accept our eligible charges from the insurance. If not, then we have to pay the total difference of the bill. Our doctor's office arranged the MRI with the radiologist and the anesthesiologist for the surgery; why did they not arrange for people who were providers of our insurance?

So parents, it then becomes your responsibility alone to make sure anyone or anything involved with a surgery or medical procedure is covered by your insurance, as we have found out the hard way. Ask everyone to make sure this happens. It is your right, so you will not be surprised by the huge medical bills that come after such a difficult situation. If this helps others, then I will definitely feel better about having to pay my bills.

Mark Campbell