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Olympic coaches will share strategies

SHARE Olympic coaches will share strategies

The conference call now goes out to the coaches.

In the summer's second seminar sponsored by the United States Olympic Committee, this week's "Winter Olympics Coaches Summit" brings together some two dozen coaches looking ahead to the 2002 Salt Lake Games.

"Optimizing The Home-Field Advantage" is the mission of the three-day summit that begins Wednesday in Park City and is meant to help the coaches of U.S. Winter Olympic teams share strategies for minimizing distractions to athlete performances and maximizing the advantages of having the Games on American soil in February 2002.

Earlier this summer at Snowbird, some 70 athletes — Olympians and Olympic hopeful — met together in a USOC-produced conference. Topics and activities ranged from overcoming adversity to projecting oneself on the podium as an Olympic medal winner.

Host Olympic nations have traditionally enjoyed an increased level of medal-winning performances, and the USOC is hoping to help the coaches anticipate challenges, plan ahead and effectively use all available resources.

Summit topics for the coaches include learning how to use the Utah venues to a team's advantage, knowing the positive and negative factors that influence U.S. Olympians and their coaches, viewing a presentation on and then reviewing the principles of coaching preparations and plans, and learning through a SLOC presentation on the latest details on the 2002 Games.

Coaches scheduled to participate, listed with their disciplines, include Max Cobb, biathlon; Ryan Davenport, John Kaus, Tuffy Latour, Greg Sand and Bill Tavares, bobsled; Brett Willmott, skeleton; Steve Brown, Bob Fenson and Ed Lukowich, curling; Robbie Kaine, Christy Krall and Karl Kurtz, figure skating; Ben Smith, hockey; Wolfgang Schadler, luge; Alan Ashley, Luke Bondensteiner, George Capaul, Marjan Cernigoj, Peter Foley, Tom Steitz and Jim Tracy, skiing; and Michael Crowe, Susan Ellis, Finn Halvorsen and Bart Schouten, speedskating.