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Obituary: Touraj Noroozi

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8/12/55 ~ 6/21/00

Touraj Noroozi, 44, Salt Lake City resident died June 21, 2000 at his home of a heart attack.

Born in Teheran, Iran, Touraj had lived in Teheran, Iran and Ankara, Turkey before moving to Salt Lake City, Utah. Touraj went to a Salesian School for his elementary and high school education, graduating in 1974. Married Farnaz Shadravan in 1986, later divorced. Married Homa Firouzbakhah in 1996, later divorced.

He went to Turkey studying Economics at Ankara Middle East Technical University where he received his Bachelors of Science degree. He was a Artillery Commander in the war between Iraq and Iran he was on the Western frontier for two years, and was released with service of Distinction. He moved to the United States and completed his Ph. D. in Political Science at the University of Utah in 1995.

The oldest of three children, he is survived by his mother Razieh Noroozi, and sister Shahrzad Noroozi of Iran; brother, Jamsed Noroozi of London; uncle Irage Noroozi of Placentia, California. He is preceded in death by his father, Ali who was a highly respected journalist. His grandfather was a Sufi Master and Alchemist.

Touraj taught Political Science, Religious Studies and Films at the University of Utah and Westminster College. He wrote many publications in Persian and English on Contemporary as well as classical Persian Culture. He recently wrote a screenplay that was filmed in Salt Lake regarding Hafiz. Touraj loved Iran, the U.S., Rumi, and Hafiz, teaching, writing, mystical searching and human bonding.

He was buried in Teheran, Iran.

You are invited to an informal gathering in Bountiful, Utah on Sunday, July 30th. All friends, students and family are welcome. Please call 298-7496 for more information.