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State needs to hear citizens

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I was watching last night's episode of "The West Wing" on television, and part of the story was about a special day in the White House when people with pet projects and complaints were let in to voice their concerns. In voicing those concerns, they were laughed at, belittled and generally dismissed. Then they were patted on the head and given a pen with the White House seal on it and ushered out the door. It seemed an exercise in total contempt on the part of the White House staff.

I have written to many departments of our Utah state government with some concerns that I have had. My concerns have been mostly directed toward the almost total disregard for traffic law enforcement that the city, county and state governments have. And because of that disregard, the almost total disregard the drivers of Utah have for the traffic laws. I have offered some complaints and suggestions for correcting the situation, but have, for all intents and purposes, been dismissed as some kind of crackpot. Now I know how those people depicted on the TV show felt — completely frustrated, embarrassed and totally disappointed at our governmental processes. My real reason for being so upset is that I didn't even get a pat on the head or a pen.

Donald F. Wescott