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We abandoned divine roots

SHARE We abandoned divine roots

I read with interest the many Readers' Forum articles, both pro and con, on public prayer and now add an addendum to Ms. Elaine Walton's comment of the same (July 19, "U.S. losing Christian roots"). "In the name of tolerance," she writes, "we have blindly given up some of our freedom, our values, our quality of life. Now we can't even pray a Christian prayer at public gatherings of Christians."

She is 50 years of age, I'm 75, and I have seen eroding of this outward pouring of religious value for half again as long as she. We have allowed this loss and can blame it on ourselves. We have not had to fight mentally nor physically for this tenet for most of her lifetime. We decided that it should become less important to our lives.

We came to a fork in the road and decided the "freeway" was better than the "cobblestone" one. Share with the world the "good life" and invite the "outsiders" to warp our God-given government as we knew it with foreign ideologies. Teachers were placed to teach these fanciful speculations, and we fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Now our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who aspire to one world religion embrace it with open arms.

No, we haven't forgotten God, we just don't know who he is. As for leadership for the United States of America to keep us from becoming a third-world country, we may paraphrase Winston Churchill by saying, "We shall owe so much to so few, and may God help us through it all."

Wesley G. Eatchel

Salt Lake City