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Visitors by car to Bryce Canyon will be greeted by shuttle fees

SHARE Visitors by car to Bryce Canyon will be greeted by shuttle fees

Deseret News Archives,

Sunday, August 23, 1998

Page: A17

Visitors arriving at Bryce Canyon National Park after April next year will pay an extra fee for shuttle service whether they use it or not.

Those entering the park by bus will not be charged.

The shuttle program is aimed at curtailing traffic congestion, natural resource protection and stretching the tax dollars spent on road maintenance, according to Park Superintendent Fred Fagergren. Steady increasing numbers of visitors are creating serious problems for Park Service employees and those wanting to see the popular national park.

It is anticipated that an entrance fee of $10 will be required, and riding the shuttle won't be mandatory. However those arriving by automobile will pay a $5 per vehicle shuttle fee. They will also be assessed an additional $5 to drive in the park, making a total of $20.

It has been proposed to operate the shuttle system between May 15 and Sept. 30. Shuttle buses will stop at 15-minute intervals at various viewpoints throughout the park.

Park officials said a bid package for potential shuttle service providers will be distributed in September.

Meanwhile, comments about the shuttle can be submitted to Bryce Canyon National Park at Bryce Canyon, UT 84717.