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Going to fireworks on Fourth? Consider earplugs

SHARE Going to fireworks on Fourth? Consider earplugs

Summer — with Fourth of July parades and fireworks, band concerts and increased outdoor activity — can be especially hard on the ears.

Audiologists warn people this time of year to protect their hearing by avoiding loud noises, if possible, and by using earplugs.

Loud noises often are associated with the onset of tinnitus, or ringing of the ears, said Dr. Gordon Holloway, director of the new Utah Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Center.

"Should you be exposed to excessive noise followed by a ringing in your ears and with no noticeable loss of hearing, you should be concerned but not overly alarmed," Holloway said. "If the ringing persists, however, with no gradual reduction in perceived loudness beyond a day, then see an ear, nose and throat specialist for an examination."