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Fluoride is toxic substance

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It is probable that those who are pushing hardest to get public water fluoridated are also those who stand to personally profit from yet another expensive boondoggle.

We have had the Olympics forced upon us to the dismay of the majority of local residents, who would rather not be forced to finance something they will not even be able to attend, in order that a select few can turn some big profits out of the deal. We were promised (and the SLOC promised me personally) that "not a dime of tax dollars will be spent on the Olympics," a total, bald-faced lie. But what would we expect given the level of corruption involved in that particular crowd as witnessed by recent indictments?

So now we are to get fluoridation, something potentially hazardous with possible bone decalcification and kidney damage. Sodium fluoride is a byproduct of the aluminum industry, a toxic substance used as rat poison in higher concentrations (not to be confused with calcium fluoride, which occurs naturally in trace amounts).

Even toothpaste containing fluoride has a warning label stating it is dangerous to swallow more than a brushful. It would seem that huge profits stand to by made by those who would otherwise need to find a toxic waste dump in order to properly discard it. Makes me wonder which corrupt politicians and businessmen in Salt Lake City will be deriving personal benefits if this is foisted upon us.

One thing this is sure to benefit is the bottled water industry because I and others will not be drinking water from public water supplies where the water has been poisoned with sodium fluoride. If some people want medicated water, let them add fluoride themselves, the rest of us don't want it.

Lorin Twede