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Techie track getting rough

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Stay tuned techies, the track is getting rough. Amazon.com lost big time in the second quarter, even though sales increased by 84 percent. Xerox warned that its earnings estimates were too high. The NASDAQ composite dropped as tech stocks slipped, and the AOL-Time-Warner deal is under attack.

The fillies stayed in place, refusing to rally on Greenspan's congressional testimony or to be spooked by higher consumer-confidence numbers.

Thirty-Year T-Bond still leads the pack, up $199.45 to make our $10K bet $11,349, with no fillies even close. It's Money Market in second, earning $11 to $10,323, and 90-Day T-Bill in third, up $11 to $10,322.

EE Bond is still a contender in fourth, gaining $11 to $10,313. Further back, it's Lipper Mutual in mid-pack, losing $155 to $9,924, with NASDAQ falling $163 to $9,555 in sixth. Gold gained a tad, up $7 to $9,317, hanging on to seventh place.

Lipper International stayed in eighth, down $36 to $9,197. And it's Silver in ninth, dropping $64 to $9,064. Blue Chip brings up the rear again, losing $152 to $8,918.